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Kitchen C Walker Builders Dartmouth

Kitchen design and installation is where C Walker Builders really shine, and our experienced fitters are up to any challenge.


Nowadays the kitchen is seen as the heart of the home and in some cases the place you probably most of your time, It is a place where we eat, cook, relax and entertain which is why the design of your kitchen is of the utmost importance.


Whether you are just looking to renovate, or are wanting a whole kitchen refit, we can help. A modern fitted kitchen will not only make your life easier and more stress-free, it will increase the value of your property when done right.


A new kitchen could add up to 10% to your property's value, and prospective buyers will always use the kitchen to get an impression of the property itself. As such it is very important to ensure that your new kitchen fits well with your lifestyle whether you're a seasoned cook or novice. To this end we can help you in this process, providing advice and suggestions as to how to achieve the perfect kitchen for your needs.


As we have been fitting kitchens in and around Dartmouth for 10 years, we have the experience to make sure that the work carried out is done in a way that is befitting to your property and respectful of its style. We can also refer you to our kitchen suppliers that can offer you a substantial discount on your chosen kitchen and appliances.

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